Why saving is not the right thing to do

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Jesus already said that one should not worry about tomorrow. He will bring his own. In economic theory, there is the Keynesian austerity paradox. Keynes thinks that while saving can be useful to individuals, it is fatal for the whole, because then demand decreases and thus produces less, see Sparparadoxon.

This must now be linked to the categorical imperative according to Kant. Individuals should behave in a way that would be a universally valid law. Accordingly, because, as Keynes proved, there is no universally valid law on saving, the individual must not save either. This is as simple as that and Jesus' statement is proven with modern theory.

However, this should not be an invitation to throw all his money out the window. Nor should it encourage the government to deviate from its "austerity course". This is not really an austerity course, because they do not build up assets, but they reduce debt.

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