Vegetarian recipe ideas

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I started some time ago to give up meat during the Christian Lent from carnival to Easter. At the beginning I lacked the ideas what I could eat at all. I was really much polished on meat. That's why I made a list of vegetarian dishes. I post them here, maybe some people have similar problems that they want to eat healthier, but that he doesn't think of anything to eat.

Bread rolls in the morning with egg and / or cheese or tuna or salmon (y)
Spaghetti with cheese sauce (y)
Mushrooms with cream (y)
Chips (y)
Baguette with cream cheese (y)
Baguette and pure bread (y)
Herbal baguette (y)
Cucumber salad (y)
Cucumber salad with peppers (y)
Cornichons (y)
Pears (y)
Pizza with tomatoes and mozarella
Tomatoes, mozarella and bread
Soups (y)
Broccoli cream soup as in cure (y)
Cauliflower cream soup (y)
Mushroom cream soup (y)
Zucchini cream soup
Paprika cream soup (y)
Moules Marieniére
Gourmet fillet (y)
Farmer's salad
Salmon from Aldi on grey bread (y)
Breakfast eggs (y)
Vegetarian Spring Roll from Aldi (y)
Pizzas Bella Pizza and Pizza Rolls
Fish sticks (y)
Salmon in puff pastry from Aldi (y)
Hoi-Sin chicken with vegetables instead of chicken
Peanuts of all kinds (y)
Roasted onions Net (y)
Vegetarian Mortadella Netto (y)
Pizza Spinacci from Rewe with Mozarella (y)
Spaghetti with butter (y)
Bread with Gouda Middle Old (y)
Grater cake from Aldi (y)
Délice Basque (y)
Red curry with cream and vegetables
Alpenmark cheese (y)
English Cheddar Cheese Spicy (y)
Broccoli fried in butter with salt and oregano (y)
Camembert with baguette (y)
Shrimp from Aldi (y)
Louisiana Crayfish (y)
Hot cup of tomato soup from net (y)
Hot cup potato cream soup (y)
Fried egg on bread (y)
Bananas (y)
Leaf spinach with salt, pepper, oregano and pepper (y)
Cream spinach from the freezer (y)
Carrot vegetables (y)
Chili sine carne (y)
Corn-coconut soup (y)
Tomatoes on grey bread (y)
Spaghetti Oglio e Aioli (y)
Vegan Gyros (y)
Asparagus with Hollandaise sauce (y)
Baked tomatoes with sheep's cheese (y)
Squid rings
Pasta with onions and cream and shrimp
Spaghetti with onions and cream and salmon (y)
Vegetarian Dips
Vegetarian Pizzabaguette
Zucchini stuffed with cheese
Dried tomatoes (y)
Peperoni with cream cheese (y)
Cucumber salad with peppers, corn and tuna (y)
Ice (y)
French onion soup
Pasta with vegetables in coconut milk curry broth (y)
Scrambled eggs on rolls
Five minutes terrine noodles in cream sauce (y)
Canned fish (y)
Corny Bar (y)
Chocolate (y)
French fries with ketchup (y)
Strawberry yoghurt (y)
Peas with carrots
Arabic Vegetarian Plate by Habibi (y)
Grilled mushrooms with cheese filling (y)
Grilled peppers (y)
Tomato mozzarella salad (y)
Potato salad (y)

I really tried them marked with a (y). I will, of course, continue to expand the list over the years.

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