Vegan Gyros

Hi together,
the last post, I hadn't noticed, was my dog's first *confetti. So I continue to recommend well-groomed views of the world, especially mathematics, and well-groomed recipes. This time I tried soybean nettles in my health effort.

However, those from Aldi were with egg, so only vegetarian. But this only has the effect, as far as I could find out that they became faster to crispand and ready to eat. I recommended them as recommended on chef with neat salt, pepper, peppers rose-sharp and gyros spice.

On the first day they tasted very floury, although I put them in with neat olive oil, let them rest in the fridge for a day.

Today I made them warm and they tasted real like meat, pretty horny.

Yes, these are my experiences in healthy cuisine now. So far everything is working well and I am still keeping my weight.

Recommended for imitation!

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