The match against FC St. Pauli

I think we all agree that this game wasn't bad at all. It didn't get us out of the predicament that we didn't have a few points, but it was another game where we were closer to victory than the opponent. New acquisitions Bigalke and Ujah have shown that they are the hoped-for reinforcement for the offense. Bigalke in particular, who still seems to have conditional deficits, was convincing in the first half. Ujah is much further than many Cologne players in terms of understanding the game, that has to play out. The deficits in the defence were overcome, we were never bare, so the chances of St. Pauli were rather by chance. The team did a very good job. We need to work out even clearer scoring chances now. Of course, the goalkeeper of St. Pauli was the best man on the pitch and kept strong especially against Bigalke. But the scoring chances have to become clearer, so that a brister or a Ujah only have to push the balls over the line. There is still a lot of work to be done on the offensive game.

But overall, as in previous games, you can't be angry with the team, they learn and that's quick. And a very peaceful draw against our partner club St. Pauli can be tolerated, if not wished.

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