Summer holidays

Yes, I now have a nice 2 weeks of summer holidays. So far I have been in Bavaria for a week and am now back in Cologne. I'm reading Brian Greene's "The Fabric Of The Cosmos." In the beginning it was about relativity theory, etc… which was very interesting. In particular, Greene says that Einstein also assumed that in space-time – continuum everything moves at the speed of light. That is what I mean by the equivalence of space and time, even though I still see an absolute aspect. After that, however, the book is about entropy, where I am unfortunately stuck now. Well, I see that I still get it read.

I also wrote an article on the energy conservation set in my wiki. In myself, I always thought that I did not have to, because it has already been proven, and is to be understood as a common good of physics. But if you take a closer look comprar viagra en farmacia, the concept of total energy is not always clearly defined. Everyone seems to understand something different about it. I take the position that E = m * c2 describes the total energy, while Albert Einstein lists potential kinetic energy and other forms of energy for the energy conservation rate and adds them up. In my opinion, this cannot be the case, because then a higher value than c would come out for the speed. Well, in any case, I hope that Google stays true to me, and that will soon be good. There are certainly more people looking for this than in the mass conservation rate, which is about 150 times a month.

Yes, otherwise I have recovered well, at work at Pixum it has been a bit stressful lately, and there was always a lot to do, so I am now happy about the 2 weeks of vacation.

Yes, have you, until soon,

Your Till

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