Star time 18012006

so now I have the evening of work. I have installed a lot for my homepage lately. In addition to this blogger, I have installed a photo album and the free singapore. This wasn't hard at all, but in between the image upload didn't work properly. Time and again image upload and Unix problems. This drove me to despair even before the holidays in my shop. This time I only had to grant write rights to one file. Funnily enough, it worked first and then it didn't. Well, the computer world is already schizophrenic-hallucinatory 😉

But then I was able to upload my pictures from the Christmas holidays. I hope no one feels kicked on the slips because I publish the pictures on the Internet. I actually asked everyone (i hope at least).

I also built in new newsfeeds. I know for the many Mozilla users boring, because the reader is already integrated. But as a suggestion for good newsfeeds always suitable.

So beautiful evening and greetings,

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