Overlight speed

I would like to refer to this essay by two Australian mathematicians in my blog: articles on the speed of overlight Also they consider overlight speed possible and even bring it under one roof with the special theory of relativity. The linked paper is also interesting, it is simple in its own way, even if I haven't calculated every equation now. They predict, however, that superlight velocity would be without imaginary energies. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with that. They derive this from the fact that when the velocity v is infinite, the mass becomes 0. For example, since an electron has a small but > 0 mass, the attachment suggests that for overlight speeds v > c and v < unendlich die Massen > 0, but must be real.

Absolute theory also believes that at mass 0 the speed is infinite. So we agree on that. Also, the absolute theory assumes that for speeds greater c but smaller infinitely the mass is greater than 0. But since according to the absolute theory the range r * i here lies for r > 1, one cannot avoid imaginary masses and energies. The imaginary figures are > 0 under certain conditions.

But overall, the essay pleased me, even if they unfortunately still use Einstein's outdated addition theorem of speeds and so come to wrong conclusions. These are good guys and they are very far in the truth.

Links to this in absolute theory:

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