Spaghetti by Art Carbonara

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another tasty recipe of fast cuisine, spaghetti according to art carbonara. You need half a packet of spaghetti, oil, olive oil, cream, onions, bacon and butter.

First, put on the spaghetti water with a lot of oil and salt. In addition, heat olive oil in a smaller saucepan. In the olive oil, add two peeled and small pieces of onions or charlottes. Then add the whole 90 grams of bacon to the cubes. At Aldi there is English breakfast bacon, which fits very well.

The whole thing is then roasted. Meanwhile, the spaghetti water should boil. Add half a packet of spaghetti and turn off the heat a little bit, e.g. 4 of 6. Stir the spaghetti bubbles in the time it is on the pack.

Now add a cup of whipped cream to the onions and bacon and bring the whole thing to the boil.

Take the spaghetti out of the pot after the time, pour it into a sieve and add a piece of butter to quench. When the butter has melted, refill the spaghetti into the empty pot and pour the sauce over it.


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