Smashing Google

You can't get around it, Google is a modern monopolist. Adam Smith, the founder of capitalism and the modern market economy, has warned against allowing monopolists. German law sees things differently. It allows monopolists to demand a market price, as if there was competition.

But that's not the case with Google either, as with the auction of luxury goods, letting the vendors outbid themselves in a heated battle to get the best price for Google.

They also use so-called Cournout points, profit maximization in the monopoly. You're scarred to maximize profits. So Google does it when advertising over the search results and they also have a threshold amount, with which you can only get into the search.

The Internet is a representation of reality. Every real market now has its counterpart on the Internet. To talk about an internet market where Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are fighting each other is, to say the least, nonsense. The big companies have divided the cake nicely monopolistic.

Now one may think that what is so bad about monopolies and that we must no longer succeed as an entrepreneur. And here we are again with my popular price production equation. A monopolist is a price driver, he can almost demand what he wants. In her podcast, the chancellor complains about this for coffee monopolies in Colombia, but does not see the demon in her own country.

According to this equation, production, i.e. wealth and jobs, is lower the higher the price level. So get away with monopolies. Google now also has control of the entire advertising market on the Internet through its Adsense program. And that for outrageous prices!

Well, what could a smash look like: As with electricity, gas or even the Federal Railways, you have to force Google to open up its infrastructure to other providers. The techniques and algorithms are practically the rail network or the power grid. This is how you get to compete over the years.

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