Simple chicken fryer

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today another simple recipe. On the Internet I found a simple recipe for chicken frying. Melt two tablespoons of butter and add two tablespoons of flour. This is a flour sweat and it leads to thickening the sauce. This is briefly let to the fore and then carefully, gradually, 400ml of water is added. You stir the whole thing constantly and strongly with a whisp, so that it does not clump. Then add two teaspoons of instant broth chicken soup and a mug of whipped cream. Now the whole thing has to cook for it to thicken. Meanwhile, add 400g of chicken, 400g of fine canned peas and a glass of asparagus.

Now you just have to season the whole thing well with salt and pepper and possibly pepper spice and let it boil. Rice fits in with this.

Enjoy your meal
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