Self-programming algorithms

Hi together,
I have an idea and maybe I'll start a series of blog posts with it. It's about self-programming algorithms. I dream that I only have a Brain2Com interface in my job, so that everything I imagine becomes a computer program, which then also maintains itself. As I have understood so far, AI (artificial intelligence) is just a series of data analysis. My approach goes further. The AI develops its own modules and algorithms on request, either external or internal.

From my professional experience, we at Symfony developed a form generator, whereby the fields of the form were controlled via Yaml files. Add to that hash tables in the database and you could do a lot. A voice-controlled CMS would also be an approach, so that the static pages are made on demand.

The AI should learn to understand many cries and then continue to think along and think along. The whole thing would then be abstracted at the highest level.

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