Start of the season of the FC

Hi together,

today I let myself out again about my home club, the 1. FC Cologne. This year's season is great. The city hovers on cloud seven. Three wins, two draws and you are already in third place in the table.

In my opinion, the upswing is mainly due to the fact that Schmadtke in Cologne is not buying away the service providers. Except for Wimmer and Gerhardt, we haven't lost any regular players. This was different in his previous stations. And so he has built up a great squad with all his peace and quiet, which also holds together. The departures of Wimmer and Gerhardt could be coped with well and have poured valuable money into the club's coffers.

Osako has been playing the season of his life so far. He would have been one of the first prank candidates to be sold for me before the season. Now the boy, who always had good approaches, hits the gate.

Against Wolfsburg and especially RB Leipzig you can play in a draw, but two years ago we would have lost those games. Leipzig in particular were extremely strong, we almost couldn't keep up in the second half.

Now it's against Bayern. Of course, we are outsiders. But coach Stöger is also getting along better and better with Bayern, and the game is by no means lost.

Best regards,
Your Till

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