Rights of the mentally ill

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From the experience of recent times in particular, I would like to write a little about the rights of patients, especially mentally ill patients. I had the problem that I wanted to be treated at the University Hospital Cologne on the one hand, and on the other hand I wanted the medication to be clarified in a reasonable conversation with me.

I then made myself a little bit legally smart on the Internet and came up with the patient's order. Until now, I only knew this in case you are terminally ill and the machines are to be turned off.

But you can also write a patient's order as a mentally ill person. Doctors already have a certain respect before.

What you should pay attention to is that you do this at a stage where you are relatively stable and considered relatively stable.

The relevant standard in the German Civil Code (BGB) is paragraph 1901. In my patient's order, I have stipulated that the local responsibility should lie with the University Hospital Cologne, although a different clinic would be available purely from the requirements of the fire brigade.

In addition, there is the PsychKG and the Accommodation Act. Here, by patient's order, one can refuse any forced treatment, especially of a medical nature. This means that doctors have to deal with one.

Here is the text of my patient's order:

Cologne, the 1.8.2014

With this I declare in full possession of my mental and physical powers that I never want to be forcibly admitted to a psychiatric hospital again because of self-harm. This is as a patient's order within the meaning of paragraph 8 paragraph 6 of the Accommodation Act in conjunction with paragraph 1901 of the German Civil Code (BGB). Since I can refuse treatment by this patient order, there is also a lack of need for treatment in the case of cases.

I also note that it is my express will never to be treated again in the Rheinische Landeskliniken in Cologne-Merheim. If there are cases, I would be happy to go to the University Hospital Cologne for examination. I would ask you to take this into account in the context of paragraph 6(1).

I also don't want forced medication. The medication must be clarified in a reasonable conversation with me and must not be administered forcibly.


I hope that this will help some people to be treated with dignity.

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