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yes I also join in the crowd of people who give you diet tips. After all, in five years I’m down from 135 to 120 kilos. Everyone has to find their own way. I try to make the whole thing sustainable and with as little renunciation as possible.

Yes, I mainly use lent, Christian and Muslim times. I am inspired by the spirit of Lent. And try to improve it year after year. I started with The Christian Lent. It runs from Ash Wednesday to Easter. At first I only drank alcohol at the weekend. Last year I did this, for example. I only drank beer on Sundays and only ate meat on weekends. That’s why all the vegetarian recipes come in my blog. In 2017, I want to give up alcohol and meat for the entire six weeks. And also the times of the breaking of the fast should not occur. That’s how I improved year after year.

I also include the Muslim Lent. During Ramadan, I try not to eat anything until 4 p.m. Drinking and smoking still have to be 😉 But you stuff so many little things into yourself throughout the day that there are quite a lot of calories coming together. I used a calorie count to control myself and also to learn.

Ultimately, it takes a lot of patience. Then I did sports again in the form of jogging and walking and strength exercises. I wondered why I wasn’t taking off anymore. But muscles are three times as heavy as fat. So the Break Even, i.e. the point at which one really takes off from the sport, is very far at the beginning. For this, you can feed more with muscles, which is not bad.

Yes, everyone has to find their own way. In the beginning, one should not exaggerate. In the years in late summer I did a 20km bike ride and in another year a 6km jogging and then stopped doing anything. Then I started again and again in Lent. Now I also do my gears in winter. As I said, one should pay attention to sustainability and not be discouraged by every yo-yo effect. My goal in seven years is to weigh 100 kilos again.

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