Recklinghausener Rouladen

This is the recipe of my buddy Philipp, which he has from his mother, who comes from Recklinghausen.

Plan two roulades per person, good eaters. You can get the necessary beef in the supermarket.

Roll out roulade and then sprinkle with a lot of medium-sharp mustard. We used Bauzener.

Now put three long strips of bacon on it.

Then pickled pickles, preferably cornichons, cut into elongated strips and place them across, so that you can roll it better afterwards.

We haven't seasoned now, I'd season it well with salt and pepper.

Then roll the roulades together and use toothpicks to fix the last piece of the roll several times, so that it can no longer unroll.

Then fry in a pan with sunflower oil over a very high heat until the roulade is nicely toasted from all sides. Then place in a roaster or baking dish. Now add vegetable broth for the sauce.

The roulades need approx. 2 hours in the oven. We had a closed roaster, so we set the temperature to 200 degrees. It may be that if you do it in an open baking dish you need correspondingly less heat.

After 2h the roulades are nicely tender. What we didn't try anymore, but what would make the sauce better, would be to thicken it with some flour or egg.

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