Quantum fever ;-)

Yes, since I read QED by Richard Feynmann, I am in quantum fever and fear that quantum healing won't bring much either. It is quite ingenious how he can explain all the light phenomena in the world from a combination of vector and probability calculation. This led me to write a visionary article on quantum gravity in particular. This has been my mind for a long time and has now been accelerated by Feynmann's book. Ultimately, physics will not be able to avoid accepting negative masses. I only imagined this as a twin universe in which everything is relatively negative, but apparently I can't help but accept such phenomena in our universe. The wave character of the light alone can be explained by viagra espaa with positive and negative mass also at particle level. That's a great fit. Yes, at the moment Lindau is meeting with many Nobel laureates. A few of them were also at the symposium I was invited to by Wiley Verlag. But their specialties are more medicine and biology / chemistry. Although, of course, the mass of a photon would also have an influence on these areas, but they rejected my poster. Perhaps should not have fallen with the door in the house, and should have described that this also mathematically defines the division by zero. Well, I want all the fun of the people in Lindau, a few of them I follow on Twitter, so I will stay up to date and mentally then be there 😉

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