Pan raclette with pork fillet

Hi together,
today again a recipe from the category rather delicious than healthy. Take a whole pork fillet and cut it into beautiful medaillions. These are salted and peppered neatly from one side. Then fry butter on a thickness of 4 out of 6 and place the pork fillet medaillions with the seasoned side down in the pan. Now you salt and pepper the other, top side. Roast the pork fillet from both sides and take cheese, e.g. Gouda middle-aged. Cut it so that it fits well on the pork fillets. Then let the whole thing be roasted for another three minutes. If the cheese has not yet melted too much, turn the pork fillet again and put the cheese back on top. After another three minutes, however, the cheese should have melted and the dish is ready.

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