Neutrinos and superlight speed

Cern has been working on the OPERA experiment for three years. Now we have an astonishing result that no one expected. Neutrinos, which have less energy than photons, move at superlight speed. You can read my replica at I very much hope that the result will be confirmed at Fermilab.

That would be an indication that I am not so wrong with my theory. However, in my opinion, the idea of relativity can be saved by placing c high on the newly measured speed.

Neutrinos definitely have a positive mass and a positive overall energy. According to the mathematics of Einstein and Minkowski, at real superlight speed the energy would be imaginary, according to my equations greater than zero but smaller than any real number. This is definitely not the case with neutrinos, so if the experiment is confirmed, you would definitely have to set c high. The 60 nanoseconds would not bring the previous experimental physics to a standstill.

I'm also thinking about writing an article about physics and psychology in my wiki soon because I look at particles at real speed greater than c than ghostly (>0 but smaller than any real number). Therefore, man could finally explore psychology for what it is, and would not be dependent on real brain currents and metabolism. I know from my own experience that this only deals with the symptoms and not the causes.

In any case, I am curious to see whether the result is confirmed. If this is the case, it would have the meaning in physics that the Michelson-Morley experiment had at that time, and the physicists would be open again for new explanations.

In any case, I probably won a box of beer against the @Fischblog, he bet that the experiment would be back until 1. It doesn't look like it at the moment because the fermilab, which is testing the experiment, takes at least four to six months.

He is one of the most famous science bloggers and I hope that he will not only give me the box, but also drink some beer with me 🙂

Definitely an exciting time, do well and until then,

Your Till

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