My opinion on the start of the fc season

We're playing well so far, but it's all about 2 things. We catch ourselves too quickly the 1-0. And that's because of the tactics. It's nice that we play fast forward, but when we lose the ball in the forward movement, the strategy, the reaction is missing. There is always one blank at the back. It was the same against Cottbus, two players run towards a defender after losing the ball, then of course the goalkeeper has to come out after the one defender is played around, and then the opposing player simply crosses and Zack is the ball in it.

And because of point 1 only point 2 suffers, the teams like Aue and Cottbus then simply put themselves in at the back and then the FC is too inexperienced to hit against a compact defense. Of course, there is no shortage of knipser, Tese has never been, Ishak would have expected more after last season and Przybylko has good approaches, but he is probably still too inexperienced.

So I think Stani is a super coach, so if even he fails in Cologne, then I really don't know who we want to wear out as a coach. But as I said, the coordination in the defense, the strategy in case of losing the ball needs to be improved and trained intensively so that we don't catch so easy 1-0s anymore.

My 2 Cents for the start of the second league season of FC.

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