Prepare carrot vegetables

Hi together,
at the moment it's Lent, so it's a healthy recipe. I learned from my father how to prepare carrot vegetables well and how to refine them a little. So you take a good piece of butter and fry peeled and chopped onions in it. The carrots are also peeled and sliced. Then salt them neatly and add them to the glassy fried onions. You fry them a bit and then add water to the whole thing, e.g. 250ml with a bunch of carrots. Now you add a decent shot of sugar and taste the whole thing with vegetable broth. You can spice the brew if you pour it away afterwards. Then the carrots are very tasteful, otherwise you season a little less. Let this cook now until the carrots are soft and tender. That will certainly take a quarter of an hour.
Bon appetite and happy fasting,
Your Till

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