Means against nightmares

Hi together,
my psychopharmaceuticals were reduced, which led to more nightmares. However, I have been analysing the chemical formulas of psychopharmaceuticals for some time and have also taken three different ones in my life. A lot of me noticed a different nitrogen content, which also led to different improvements of my dreams. In addition, I remembered the six weeks I spent on the road in France and had the best dreams of my life. Well, outdoors, under plants there is relatively much nitrogen in the air at night. Then I counted 1 and 1 together and came to the conclusion that possibly nitrogen makes for good dreams and clear dreams. I recommend the following means:

Arginine is a hormone derived from nitrogen. It is mainly good for blood circulation. With me it led again for a pleasant night with pleasant dreams. But beware: as with everything, I am not a physician, I accept no liability for risks and side effects, except for intent and gross negligence. But the drug seems to be well tolerated for me so far and is also over-the-counter.

Dearest greetings and sweet dreams,
Your Till

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