Refine lentil soup

Yes, recipes or how I got fat 😉 But everything is also so delicious. Today my insider tip on how to refine lentil soup. Meanwhile, the lentil stews from the can are so good that you no longer have to cook your own lentil soup. But they are a bit bland, at least that of the net I always buy. That is why it needs to be refined.

The one from the net has no sausages, so I get 6 buck sausages in the glass of Meica. I'll do it cut in first. Then I fill approx. Add 1/3 l of water. Then I add a teaspoon of instant broth. Since I like my food spicy, now peppers are rose-sharp, half a teaspoon of Sambal Olek and a few splashes of Tabasco sauce. Then also a good shot of soy sauce and then season with salt and pepper. Extremely delicious and just right for the cold winter days at the moment.

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