Lahmacun, Turkish pizza according to family recipe

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and again an inimitable meal from my family haze circle. I have a Turkish sister-in-law and she makes the best Turkish pizzas in the world. They are in no way comparable to those you get in Turkish snack. Through her sister's daughter, I was able to find out the recipe. I imitated it and prepared Turkish pizzas in the oven. I didn't manage 100% for the first time, but I'm perfectly aware of what's missing and how to do it right, so here's the recipe:


1kg flour
1 fresh yeast or two Dr. Oetker dry yeast
Salt, sugar
lukewarm milk

Minced meat:
1kg minced meat (beef chopped)
4 large onions
3-4 cloves garlic
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 bunch parsley
Tomato paste, paprika paste

You start and prepare the dough. It works almost like the pizza dough I described here. Take one kilogram of flour and fill a large enough bowl. Now you add two packets of Dr. Oetker dry yeast. Then salt the dough neatly and add a good pinch of sugar to compensate.

Now fill the whole thing with lukewarm milk (get out of the fridge and leave it) until the dough has a proper consistency. Now you knead approx. 10 minutes what the stuff holds. Let the finished dough rest for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can take care of the minced meat mixture. Take four large onions, which you have cut small before. Then add the garlic cloves, also cut into small pieces. The red and green peppers are also cut and freed from the white seeds inside. You also chop a bunch of parsley. Now you add a bit of tomato paste and, if possible, paparic paste and fill it into a blender (caution is limited, you need a blender attachment that cuts coarser). Now you give a dash of fat in the form of three to four tablespoons of sunflower oil.

Chop the herbs, onions and peppers in the blender and then mix with the minced meat. Of course, you have to season the minced meat: here, as with Bulletten, it is better to spice up a bit than to be thrifty, because that still absorbs when frying. For the seasoning, salt, pepper, peppers are well used. If you have only picked up beef chopped, I recommend to taste it with Maggi soup powder, e.g. clear broth or vegetable broth. Then the beef tastes like pork.

Now you always take a piece of the dough, about the size of a mandarin, and roll it out. Then spread the minced meat evenly on it.

With circulating air and medium rail, now slide into the oven at preheated 220 degrees. Per baking sheet with baking paper you get 4 Turkish pizzas. Now wait for the minced meat to become brownish. Don't leave it in the oven for too long, otherwise the Lahmacun taste like chips 😉 (That was one of my mistakes the first time).

Good appetite and you never need to order Lahmacun in Turkish snack ingesands again, then just doesn't taste any more 🙂

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Your Till

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