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I got my first Sponsored Post with my blog and then something where I stand 100 percent behind 🙂 It's about the Healthy Break Bread page and contains recipes on how to offer your children healthy variety when they break bread.

I used to get sprinkle cakes at the school kiosk in middle school, and then in high school my dad always smeared Nutella bread. At that time I did a lot of sports, so that my body could do it, but I learned zero, which is why I rise up like a yeast.

I've already learned a lot and posted here too when it comes to healthy eating, but would teach my children that sooner so that they don't fall into the same trap as me.

And the site of La Vita offers suggestions for this. I'm not saying you're not giving your kids jam bread anymore, but healthy eating that tastes like a change is necessary. Your child will then learn these dietary patterns for later and is not as relatively thrown up as I am.

Here are two more pictures of the recipes:



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