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I am going to republica14 this year in May. republica is a leading trade fair with panels of leading internet giants. Last year, even Daimler CEO Zetsche was there. He brought me to Kurt Gödel, for which I am very grateful to him. Kurt Gödel was a german-Jewish mathematician in the einstein era. And every single work of him really shoots the bird. He has set up a completeness sentence and an even more well-known incompleteness. It is a question of whether a machine can declare all statements that are possible to be true or false. In the completeness clause, he proves for which statements this is possible. In the incompleteness sentence, however, it shows that there are statements that cannot be answered. I have now decided to refine that even more. In my opinion, there are questions that are simply weak-minded, that is, neither true nor false, but weak-minded. In addition, there are questions that are in themselves unanswerable, but which can be answered from the experience or from the course of fate.

Gödel's proof of God is also great. He sets up 5 axioms and proves the existence of God. In the end, I am no longer a "believer" Christian, but a knowing Christian. The axioms can be reformulated in form.
1) There are positive things and beings.
2 – 4) Life (in the entire space-time) is beautiful, so necessary and meaningful
5) When you add all things and beings together, you get a positive number (my rewording of the instance property, the power of a set is at the same time the instance of the set for me)

In short: Kurt Gödel was a great man, but he is often called crazy by atheists, because they have no other weapon against him than bluntness (seems to me somehow familiar).

I can only warmly recommend it to you, googling after it, read the Wikipedia article. It's worth it. And it may be that I will continue to deal with the individual works of Kurt Gödel.

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