Internship over

Hello together!
My internship is over and I am back in the Euro-BBW. The internship was actually quite appealing, except for the fact that I had no internet for four weeks. That was, of course, a great pity. But I can go back in the summer and my employers can theoretically imagine that I can work for them after my training. I can also carry out my final project with you *happy. Of course, this is all perfect.

Tonight I go swimming again. I have to do something for my character. The physiotherapist was quite disappointed that I did so little during the internship period. But if I work 8 hours and the still very strong medications, I can hardly get up in the evening.

Today and yesterday I try all the time to tap the LDAP server in our company on the Outlook address book, but to no avail. But I have now noticed that it is probably due to the setting of the server and not to my client-side inputs. But LDAP also seems to be a difficult matter.


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