Intellectual property

My favoured party, the Pirate Party, rejects intellectual property and the term. Of course, the no longer scarce downloads on the Internet should be free of charge. Nevertheless, I do not find intellectual property a bad concept. I, too, have intellectual property in absolute theory. Nevertheless, I am inspired by Article 14(2) that this property is intended to serve the public good. I cannot compare myself to X-rays, but he did not patent his rays, and so his intellectual property served the general public. He is the discoverer and thus the originator of this radiation. I am animated in this spirit and have therefore put the absolute theory under GNU, everything is allowed. Nevertheless, I would like to be regarded as the originator of these ideas, let us not mention that everyone can use them informally. This was the first time I noticed this time, when I searched for the mass conservation clause a long time ago. The domain called Uniprotocols was high and they formulated that the mass conservation rate depended on the energy conservation rate according to E = m * c2. It would be new to me that someone had this idea in front of me when I had it in 1999. Today, my pub landlord Ümit also amazed me in the relationship. He said that in the field of teleportation and rapid transmission of signals in science, the focus is no longer on increasing energy, but on reducing energy. This idea, the antiproportionality of mass (= energy) and locomotion, i.e. the idea that faster speeds can be achieved by reducing the mass or even the energy, comes from me, if not everything deceives me. One, and also Einstein himself, always interpreted the equations of relativity in such a way that one would only come in the direction of the speed of light if one spent more and more energy. It would be nice if I would be recognized for such an idea at some point, because they are my intellectual property, as someone uses it for the common good, is right to me, as I said, they are under GNU, everything allowed. This is what everyone should do, protect their authorship, but leave the benefits to the Community. Of course, every author should be able to live well – would be a dream for me to really have money – but that would be the price that any society would owe to the authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, producers and others for leaving their intellectual property to the general public.

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