Entrecéte au poivre vert

And another delicious French steak recipe. Entrecéte with green pepper! Take 1 thick entrecéte and flatten it with a meat hammer or with the principle in the last post. Then place them in the heavily heated pan and add a soup spoon with green peppercorns. Then let the entrecéte fry and turn it. Now add 7 centilitres of calvados or cognac and let the alcohol fizzle out. Then add another soup spoon of green peppercorns and let it fry to the end. Then remove the pan from the plate and turn it off. Now add two soup spoons of creme frache and let them melt. Then you also mix the roast juice with the creme Fraéche. It is important that the creme Fraéche does not cook, because otherwise it will clot, and that is unpleasant. Then salt and pepper.

Bon Appetit 🙂

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