Division by zero

Hi together,

Actually, in 2000 I swore to stop working on the division by zero, because I got really mad about it and had a very good approach, but couldn't solve it completely, which was also very painful. Well, after all, I have now again made the proof of the derivatives of higher orders in my wiki. For derivatives of the first order it was very easy: derivation of 2x was 2 * 0 / 0 = 0(2) / 0 = 2. With the higher orders, therefore, with terms with x2 or higher, it was a bit more complicated.

I had already planned the derivation many weeks ago, and in a way this has also stopped my work, because I always have no desire, because it is really very abstract. But tonight I did it. The link is: Division by zero. This is where the sales for higher-order derivatives have been added. Yes, with the wiki entry I am on Google to the keyword in the top 10. Already cool.

Yes, I hope I can now focus on physics again, my real love.

Greetings, nice weekend and until then,

Your Till

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