Divine theory

Hi together,

and again I have holidays, at least a week. Since I don't have any coal to drive away, thanks to Gauloises, I now come to something that I had been thinking about for a long time. Namely to write my German essays in the English-language wiki under But I'm afraid Google won't be as high a world as the German one. Well, let's have a look…

Actually, I also intended to calculate an equation now. I wanted to determine the equivalence of rotation and mass. This will not be a real equivalence like E = m * c2. Rather, I now suspect m = f(v(red), T), i.e. the mass depending on the rotation and the temperature. The pulsation speed of an object would be better than temperature, but it is hardly determined. Well, for the planets I should already be able to calculate this, because you can find the values on the Internet. Maybe it will be something else this holiday.

I wish everyone happy Easter days and see you soon,

Your Till

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