Brewing beer Part 4

So my beer is now stored in a Bitburger box for 3 weeks, so I put the first two bottles in the fridge to taste them soon. Yes, the instructions say you should store them for up to five weeks, but one Amazon commentator said they would be ok after just two weeks, so I'm taking a middle ground here. Yes, a bottle has unfortunately exploded. In one photo you can see the stain that this left on the ceiling.

Well, I think it's part of the good brewer that a bottle explodes on his first brewing. Actually, I had adhered to the safety distances during filling. Of course, I took normal Bitburger bottles, which may not be quite as stable as the bottles with an ironing fastener on the Internet. Added to this was the very warm summer, the day the bottle exploded, it was about 40 degrees. In addition, I only got just under eight litres out, the amount of sugar I used for post-fermentation, but the maximum was ten litres. This would explain a somewhat too large amount of colenic acid, which then naturally puts the bottle under immense pressure.

I hope I will be compensated with a slightly higher alcohol content. Yes, I'm writing like the first bottle was soon, a few friends have already signed up to try it, but for that I have to test if the beer tastes good and at all, if you don't go blind and don't fall into a coma 😉


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