Beer almost empty

Hi together,

yes, I promised to post as soon as the beer was tasted. Now the box of 14 bottles is almost empty. Know what that is like with procrastination. Yes, so far all my guests have enjoyed it. And it's a cool show. The bottles, you may remember that one exploded on the hot days, are so under so much pressure that when the crown corks are opened, they fly through all directions. My friend Dami said That I had to be careful that the neighbors didn't call the police because they thought they were shooting with a sharp gun.

Well, in the end the beer has a lot of alcohol and a lot of carbonic acid. As I said, this is because I have put too much sugar in for post-fermentation. In the end, I am now after the 4th. or 5. It has come to the conclusion that a pre-mountain brew is not a beer at all, but that I have rather invented a new drink, the beer sparkling wine 😀

So it tastes like beer, but has the carbonic acid and maybe also the alcohol content close to the sparkling wine 🙂 My friend and colleague Andreas thought it would be the perfect drink to bottle someone mixed with something sweet. I hope he came home well tonight. He only drank a glass, but otherwise drinks almost no alcohol, so he became funny very quickly 🙂 And home-brewed beer is generally not as bitter, especially in the initial taste as normal beer that you can buy.

Yes, I'm probably thinking about brewing a dark beer in winter. In itself I am Kölsch and maybe a pils drinker, so I prefer light beers. However, such a light beer usually needs a temperature of 20 to 25 degrees.  I can of course hope that in winter the apartment, when I am not there, does not cool down so quickly. The alternative is to brew a dark beer, because its yeast produces fermentation at five to ten degrees. I could then ferment this perfectly in my cellar in winter.

Yes, anyway, it was a lot of fun, even if you should not underestimate the physical effort. 15 bottles of beer, that's approx. 8 litres of beer. This is then done in a vehicle also with the closure with the crown cork. Yes, comparable to the fact that you tap 40 Kölsch in a row and then you have to close it. Yes, the fun still prevails, so I can encourage everyone to imitate. As I said, only take care of the sugar. It is not only about the splitting of atoms, but also about chemistry its wonders and its power. 🙂


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