And the theory never ends :-)

I'm still busy writing my wiki on. The best search term is now "rotation speed", I had blogged the entry here. Today I added a short treatise on antimatter. Although absolute theory has so far been unable to make much of a statement, I have written a brief historical outline. I have the knowledge from Werner Heisenberg's "The Part and the Whole", a book I have read between the days and which I can really recommend to all physics and history enthusiasts. Heisenberg landed in the middle of the Nazi era and was supposed to work on nuclear theory for them. It is nice that scientists have always been against radicalism, not to think about what would have happened if the German researchers had given full throttle and first invented the atomic bomb. In any case, one can learn a lot from the book, also about the emergence of the Max Planck Society after the war. In any case, one learns a lot about ethical responsibility in science.

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