A little history of viruses

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In the end, I had a really crass idea. It has been fermenting for a long time. For years I haven't opened the window even in winter in the light. In summer, of course, against the mosquitoes, but who knows what is not visible in winter. I am now simply spinning this brain tear: what if the development is from the virus to the bacterium to all sorts of mosquitoes and flies, which then inject our larvae, the viruses, back. Horror, but that's exactly the idea that came to me when I was hungry for bread at night. The bread was older, it was not mouldy, but at night on mold. It looked like a green rotzfilm glibing over the bread.

Then it would also be conceivable that cell membranes could regenerate and repel themselves from the cell. These would then be white platelets, which later started the cycle of the virus. Or why, after an infection, the number of white platelets in the blood has changed.

I know that it all sounds crass and is only from the point of view of a naive non-doctor and non-biologist, but maybe it helps.

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